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Python: some practice, questions and #%§'
05-15-2021, 01:04 AM
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RE: Python: some practice, questions and #%§'
I seem to have some success with the following snippet in PPL:


from hpprime import *
from math import *

# haven't found terminal screen clear yet
print("""Perform one of the following:
1. position mouse pointer on screen and then double-touch
2. click a calculator key
3. press 'On' to exit""")
while 1:
  # gets 2nd pair of coords (2-touch)
  # move mouse ptr around screen and double touch
  if len(m)>0 and m!=lastm:
    print('2-touch y= '+str(m[1]))
  if k>0 and k!=lastk:
    print('key= '+str(int(log2(k))))

The snippet prints the y-coord of the mouse pointer for a two-point touch, or the key code for a clicked calculator key and can be exited by pressing 'On'. Both mouse() and keyboard() don't seem to accept any parameters.

As noted in one of your previous posts, I haven't had any luck making a Python script file work (using the More>Files>New Program feature of the Editor).

Thanks for your invaluable contributions to the knowledge base. Your posted have been very helpful in trying to figure things out.

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