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First python project : HP41 emulator + hints of workflow
05-23-2021, 08:04 AM
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RE: First python project : HP41 emulator + hints of workflow
(05-19-2021 01:14 AM)Dougggg Wrote:  I was to force the the app to the calc/emu by right clicking the app and do send to class and that worked

That worked - thanks! To be clear, in order to edit a Python file on your PC:
  • Double click on a python file in conn.kit and vscode (or whatever) will open.
  • Edit the file and save, which saves to the 'C:\Users\Andy\Documents\HP Connectivity Kit\Calculators\SOMECALC1' directory but not to the calc itself.
  • Right click on the calc in the conn.kit and select 'send to class' to save the file back into the calculator.
Perhaps I missed these instructions elsewhere, but as far as I know, this is the first bit of documentation on how to edit a Prime Python file via the PC. Not sure why this really useful piece of information has not been communicated to the Prime Python community of beta testers - perhaps its obvious? It's not obvious to me, as I've never needed to use the 'send to class' feature before and am not a teacher.

(05-22-2021 09:47 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote:  This app is phenomenal.

I agree - this HP41C emulator running on the HP Prime written in Python - is truly astonishing. Pressing and holding a key even shows 'NULL' after a second, etc. just like the real HP41C.
I had to press all the keys and write down what each one does - we might need an overlay ;-) Some useful keys are:
- To enter in LBL press Units
- To enter in RTN press SHIFT EEX

I was even able to assign programs to keys in USER mode and XEQ them, with the traditional little bird flying on the screen as they are executed!
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