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Pasting a program into G2 causes it to crash.
05-28-2021, 11:42 PM
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RE: Pasting a program into G2 causes it to crash.
(05-28-2021 10:40 PM)Liamtoh Resu Wrote:  Try editing the program on the prime.

See if there are extra characters of the last END;
and then delete them.

I have preveiously seen this phenomena.

Sure enough. I created the new program ball using the CK.
The prime g2 rebooted at least once. I finally connected and
pasted your text for the ball program.

I edited the ball program directly on the prime g2 and found
about five extra bytes appended to the program and deleted them.

The ball program passed the program check.

The program was then ran-- a ball was bouncing around in front of the
text on the screen until I hit the Esc key.

And then I actually looked at the source code.

Hitting the down feature of the circular touch pad slowed down the ball
and it eventually settled down at the bottome of the screen.

Question: Are you using any reference material besides the HP prime User's Guide?
I admit I have not rtfm'd the guide yet. I have been looking at running micropython
on the prime g.

BTW: I am using the 20210505 firmware and the 2020 CK software. I use notepad as
in intermediate copy/paste buffer from the code on the blog.

I connected and tried to paste this code twice. I gave up and pasted it in 2 halves, and it worked.

The G2 is supposed to be 100% compatible with the G1 prime, no? This works on the G1 Prime, and Pastes fine.

I can get this to run on G2, but that was not my original problem, the problem is that it crashes the device upon Paste!

I am using reference material that is available for the G1 and G2, equally! The HP Prime Guide! The 2018 version, the PDF, That we download from the site.

Thanks for looking, and I hope we learn something from this.

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