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How to open a Casio FX-4000P?
08-08-2021, 10:17 AM
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RE: How to open a Casio FX-4000P?
(08-07-2021 08:51 PM)johanw Wrote:  The head is very shallow, with small Torx in an old Nokia phone suffering from the same issue I got them loose by soldering a screwdriver in the screws but I don't think that is going to work here.

Great idea, thanks for sharing!

(08-07-2021 08:51 PM)johanw Wrote:  Any advice? Is there a way to get those screws off without damaging the rest of the calculator? And where would I look (from Europe) for decent replacement screws?

Be warned: I'm no handyman, others may have much better methods. But anyway...

It happened to me a with a few calculators too. What worked for me is scratching the head on two opposite edges to get enough hold for a flat-blade screwdriver. Of course, the head must provide enough space for the new "groves" but I've been lucky so far.

As for the technique, nothing complicated. Most of screws in calculators are very soft so just take a thin hard tool, be patient and scratch the screw's head until it's done :-) Once I borrowed a thin drill from a goldsmith and drilled instead of scratching, it was much faster but probably riskier too, I felt pretty nervous while doing it.

Even though I'm very clumsy and the results weren't pretty, in the end I was able to unscrew the screws. If the new hold was good enough I even let the "upgraded" screws keep their job :-)

Good luck and let us know!
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