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Extended Precision Library by G.E.
08-27-2021, 04:04 PM
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RE: Extended Precision Library by G.E.
(08-27-2021 03:50 PM)roadrunner Wrote:  @Didier,

Since multiprecission has the line:


at the top of the program, shouldn't that allow it to compile?

Apparently this is not working with the latest version of the Prime firmware. I tested with the previous virtual Prime (2020-01-16) and it compiled fine.

This may be linked to the changes in the last firmware around the functions declaration:
  • 1) There is no need to declare functions before using them now.
  • 2) Multiple functions with the same names, but different parameter count
    It is now possible to have more than one function in a program with the same name, as long as the parameter count is different
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