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Where's the Error?
08-30-2021, 04:40 PM
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RE: Where's the Error?
(08-30-2021 03:36 PM)Didier Lachieze Wrote:  With a few changes your program runs and returns:

Index: 1172413.79310345

The changes I made:
  1. add 'from hpprime import *' at the beginning
  2. replace the 'ᴇ−' on line 9 by standard 'E-' letters, it seems that the special character codes used by the Prime for E and minus signs are not supported by Python.

Thank you!
Now that you've solved it. I have to say of course! I should have known the ticks function is found in the hpprime module but the exponent error is more subtle. It makes sense, though.

Tom L
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