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FORTH for the SHARP PC-E500 (S)
10-05-2021, 12:28 AM
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RE: FORTH for the SHARP PC-E500 (S)
Interesting. I didn't know the program MBSharpNotepad. I will have to try it.
On the PC side, I use HTerm:

I'm following strictly the instructions included in the pdf I've already mentioned:

My BINTOASC program terminates each line by a CR character only (Carriage Return).
For MBSharpNotepad, maybe it will be better to terminate each line by CR + LF (Line Feed, or New Line character).
I've slightly modified this program to add a LF character. See the attachment. It works for loading BASIC programs. Perhaps you will need to change the settings of the OPEN instruction, and replace the "C" parameter by "L" ?

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