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FORTH for the SHARP PC-E500 (S)
11-07-2021, 01:00 PM
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RE: FORTH for the SHARP PC-E500 (S)
If you run UUDECODE.BAS unchanged with RUN, this appears in the display:
DRIVE(E/F) =E <Return>
OK? (Y/N) =Y <Return>

FILES "E:" then displays this new file: UUDECODE.NLNLNL 1446 Byte
The file name ends with three characters that each represent an N over an L and, according to the character set table in the manual, stand for the value 0 and probably mean NULL. I did not succeed in doing anything with this file: It can neither be loaded nor deleted. I had to erase my RAM disk with INIT "E:" to get rid of it.

I assume E.Kako chose this file name with confidence because it cannot be accidentally loaded or deleted. But how did he plan to use it? Probably it only comes with the help of one of the other extensions, which were common at the time and may still be found here.
Until this puzzle has been solved, the file name at the beginning of UUDECODE.BAS must be supplemented by a three-character extension, otherwise the generated file cannot be used with LOADM.

After CALL &BE000"COM: the file "FORTH500." is created. It is the name of the input file for UUENCODE.EXE. This name is in the first line of the FORTH500.UUE file.

Now I will check the instructions and files in GitHub.
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