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FORTH for the SHARP PC-E500 (S)
09-15-2023, 10:06 AM
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RE: FORTH for the SHARP PC-E500 (S)
(09-18-2022 12:21 AM)robve Wrote:  
(09-17-2022 10:44 PM)Helix Wrote:  The only CPU I know is the SC61860, because I learned the machine language of my Sharp PC-1401. But I've forgotten everything since that time!
Do you know if there is a common CPU that is comparable to the ESR-L, if my question makes sense?

I tend to think of the ESR-L as a mix of Z80, 6809 and SC61860 (ESR-H or "old-SC") flavors. The German Systemhandbuch section 12 on the CPU gives a good technical overview, albeit in German. There are also suggestions on how to reserve space for machine code and there is info on the PC-E500 internals. For the FCS and IOCS system calls, see the PC-E500 technical manual. Both texts are included as PDFs in the Forth500 resources. There is also a ESR L CPU technical manual.

The Systemhandbuch PDF is excellent to learn this machine code!
I decided to make an English version of chapters 12 and 13 for my personal use, in order to have a handy reference. In case it’s useful for someone else, this document can be downloaded from this page.

The text is the result of automatic translation, with very few corrections.
I’ve clarified the paragraph structure, corrected a few typos in the tables, and rearranged the abbreviation list in a more convenient order, at least for me.
This file was created with LibreOffice. I don’t know if it’s correctly displayed with Word.
This document must be viewed in Web Mode only.

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