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the good old days of mainframe computers
09-21-2021, 05:21 PM
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RE: the good old days of mainframe computers

(09-21-2021 04:52 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  The book is available from the Computer Museum...

I downloaded the book but I don't think that I will ever read it. Wasted enough lifetime already with those mainframes themselves...
At university we were allowed to use card punch machines and punchcard readers by our own. But I remember an internship that I did in the aerospace industry 1982/83 where normal users were not even allowed to punch their their own cards. One had to fill-in 80 column paper forms in writing and typists would then operate the card punch. Before sumbitting the job they handed back the stack of cards to check for typos and if everything was OK it got submitted. When I came back to university from the internship I found to my pleasant surprise that the card punches and readers had been replaced by "time-sharing" terminals.

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