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usage of rotation command
06-30-2014, 09:09 AM (This post was last modified: 06-30-2014 09:37 AM by Angus.)
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usage of rotation command

I tried to use the rotation command for 2-dimensional rotation of a vector. I ended up with 3 questions.

1) It seems the command only works with point() arguments. So rotation( point(0,0), 0.1, point(0,10) ) would rotate the vector [[0, 10]] around the origin.
Is it not possible to give vectors as arguments?

2) The geometry app is no 3d so far so rotation( point(0,0,0),...) gives Error:Bad argument value. Is there a way for rotating in the 3rd dimension? And do you plan to add a 3rd dimension to the geometry app?

3) While trying to use rotation() with vectors I noticed that rotation( [[0 0]],0.1,[[0 10]]) gives an Error (since it does seem to work with points only) but is rewritten as rotation( [[0 0]], 0.1, [0 [10]]). Is that a valid notation for the vector 0,10 ?

For further explanation: I would consider it a lot more productive to do calculations with vectors and call commands for vectors directly. vector<->point<->vector is at least a lot of typing or is there an elegant way to do such calculations? When doing cas calculations I would not tend to use the geometry app because I have vector data from previous calculations. Like in the example I just want to rotate one vector. Desireable in three dimensions.
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