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HHC2021 Bob's Calculator Challenge
10-07-2021, 09:46 PM
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RE: HHC2021 Bob's Calculator Challenge
I said in the video that I got 4 right, but after looking through the questions again I now realize I got 5 right (#3, #9, #11, #14, and #16).

For #16 I actually got one more item that Bob forgot, but then in our discussion in the video he remembered yet one more, so there are actually 9 to list, not 7 as shown on the answer slide. I gave myself credit for that one but I suppose whether you just have to list at least 7 or all 9 to get credit is up for debate.

For #9, I would say that was a trick question, but I still got it right (Richard seemed to realize that also). Though to be honest I still am not 100% sure the official answer (or at least the month given) is correct -- discontinuation dates are notoriously difficult to pin down.

For #6 I forgot about the third one, but considering how little information there is on the Internet about that model I would be surprised if anyone remembered it. Didn't give myself credit on that one.

Going through all the models and reviewing their manuals to make the documentation list definitely helped me with some of these!
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