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HHC2021 Bob's Calculator Challenge
10-08-2021, 06:15 PM
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RE: HHC2021 Bob's Calculator Challenge
AFAIK Every employee at the time got the choice of a 14b or 32s with the emblem.

(10-08-2021 04:52 PM)BruceH Wrote:  
(10-08-2021 01:29 AM)rprosperi Wrote:  RE: Q2 - This is a great point Bruce!! It raises questions also about other Anniversary Editions as well (32S, 14B, 12C 30th Ann, 12CP 25th Ann, etc.). I've no idea how long any of these were "on the market". On the other hand, as HP has never, to my knowledge, announced end of availability of the 15C LE, it may technically still be officially available... it's so annoying when product lifespans are not officially announced. Wink

Wasn't the 32S anniversary edition (the one with the medallion) only given out at a maths teacher's conference so technically it was never on the market?

Quote:RE: Q3 - If it's actually still in its packaging, how can you tell there is no model number on the calc itself?

Easy, I look through the clear plastic packaging. :-)

Quote:Actually this is interesting as it means there were at least 2 quite different labels used for the pivotal QuickCalc. If you ever decide to open the package, please post a photo of the label for comparison, and I'll dig out a QC this weekend and do the same.
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