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Accuracy of Integral with epsilon
10-09-2021, 09:50 PM
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RE: Accuracy of Integral with epsilon
(10-09-2021 02:22 AM)Valentin Albillo Wrote:  Someone here is not paying attention.

Are you saying that a complex state-of-the-art Tanh-Sinh method requires 27 evaluations of the integrand (the constant 2) to integrate the constant 2 from -10 to 10 ? Really !?

What a lousy implementation !

You do realize that it is a fallacy to assume exp(x) and cosh(x)+sinh(x) equate numerically, in addition to algebraically?

For one, sinh(x) typically uses expm1(x)=exp(x)-1 for higher accuracy sinh(x) = (z+z/(z+1))/2 with z=expm1(x). This asymmetrically affects cosh(x)+sinh(x) for x<0. The difference grows with smaller x<0, which is easy to see when we plug in expm1(x).

- Rob

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