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programs in physical hardware fail
07-01-2014, 08:00 PM
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RE: programs in physical hardware fail

I entered your code in my physical calculator and there is no syntax error:
N:=5;FIRCORE returns {-0.1 -0.1 0 0.1 0.2}.
FIR({1,2,3},{4,5,6}) returns 4.

Just today I transferred some code I had developed on the emulator over to the physical calculator and it failed during run time with a "bad argument" error. It turned out that the following straightforward sequence would generate a bad argument on the physical calculator:
RANDMAT(M1,5,5); M2:=subMat(M1,1,1,4,4);

This was persistent, but as I was tinkering with it, the calculator froze up in a Help screen. It was frozen so hard that holding On and Symb would not restart it. I used a paper clip to reset it and the calculator restarted. After this restart, the "bad argument" problem with subMat had disappeared.

I think this is a fairly common occurrence, that the physical calculator or the emulator will get into a malfunctioning or "buggy" state where it needs to be returned to a default condition. I'm not certain this is the problem in your case, but I wouldn't be surprised. You might cross your fingers and try a paper clip reset.

Good luck. I feel the same pain.
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