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The HP/Royal/Moravia website problems thread
08-10-2022, 09:11 AM
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RE: The HP/Royal/Moravia website problems thread
(08-09-2022 02:53 PM)toml_12953 Wrote:  
(08-08-2022 10:06 AM)redglyph Wrote:  Moravia doesn't look like an international corporation, but I suppose you meant HP.

I still have some hope that Moravia can improve this calculator's software (and manuals), but for that they need feedback, they even asked it explicitly. Smile

They only have to read these forums (fora?) to see what real users want and features we're lacking. If they fail to do so, they shouldn't expect much more help from us.

We do read along! Smile

Thanks for the remarks concerning the manual. We've noticed this as well, even before we took over resposibility from HP. Due to all issues around the overtake, supply challenges, new products, software and more, this part has been pushed a bit to the background. But: surely on the radar! The idea is to build a new and updated manual soon, where we are open to help from the community. If you feel like you could support, please mail me at Thanks for the support and patience. Smile

Product Manager HP for MORAVIA Consulting, the EMEA & AP Licensee for HP Calculators.
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