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The HP/Royal/Moravia website problems thread
08-10-2022, 08:01 PM
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RE: The HP/Royal/Moravia website problems thread
(08-10-2022 09:11 AM)KlaasKuperus Wrote:  We do read along! Smile

Thanks for the remarks concerning the manual. We've noticed this as well, even before we took over resposibility from HP. Due to all issues around the overtake, supply challenges, new products, software and more, this part has been pushed a bit to the background. But: surely on the radar! The idea is to build a new and updated manual soon, where we are open to help from the community. If you feel like you could support, please mail me at Thanks for the support and patience. Smile

That's reassuring, thanks for popping in! Smile

Sure, the manual isn't the priority, people have managed and complementary documents can be found.

What kind of support would help? More constructive criticism, and suggestions? Do you intend to start from scratch or to build on the HP version?
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