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Texas Instruments TI59 weird card problems
10-27-2021, 08:49 AM
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RE: Texas Instruments TI59 weird card problems
A weak point of the TI-59 are the two metal strips that protrude from the circuit board as flexible contact tongues and establish the connection to the battery pack. They break very easily if you try to bend them a little higher, but they have to be high enough to safely reach the battery pack.

I once had the problem that newly purchased, fully charged batteries were apparently too weak to supply the TI-59 with enough power. I then placed the battery pack next to the TI-59 and connected it to the metal strips with two cables with alligator clips. Since the TI-59 then worked without problems, the cause was found: It was due to contact problems with these metal strips. I cleaned the tips of the metal strips and the contact areas on the battery pack with an alcohol cloth and bent the metal strips up very slightly.
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