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monic part 6: the mC programming language and compiler
12-13-2021, 03:39 AM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2021 04:11 AM by F-73P.)
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RE: monic part 6: the mC programming language and compiler
(12-12-2021 06:57 PM)robve Wrote:  Nice work! I really like your project and I'm very much looking forward to learn more about it. Looks like you put a lot of effort into this to cover most of the C language.

Thanks, I've started using a development board with a 4.3" display and i.MX RT1062 processor (Cortex-M7, 600MHz, 4MB FLASH, 32MB RAM) and am rewriting the firmware, so I thought this would be a good time to document the project. Here's a screen shot of a test program:

[Image: 51743164643_c0f2edc8f2.jpg]

Some aspects have been very challenging but I'm learning a lot and it has been fun too. I would like to add support for a programming language similar to FORTRAN as well:

[Image: 51742101942_dc63d72959.jpg][Image: 51743812475_47cf6ec3c2.jpg]

(12-12-2021 06:57 PM)robve Wrote:  Why is SWITCH restricted to a 'var' argument and not an `additive_expression'?
Thanks, I'll fix that. I've only ever used a variable argument with SWITCH and just didn't think of it. Great to have a fresh pair of eyes go over the grammar Smile

(12-12-2021 06:57 PM)robve Wrote:  I am curious how you plan to handle logical expressions as "short circuit" code or not. I noticed that RETURN, WRITE and a few other constructs allow 'expression' as an argument, but 'factor' for example uses 'additive_expression' instead of 'expression'. To implement RETURN and WRITE this way requires "short circuit logic" to return Boolean values without evaluating unnecessary AND and OR operands. This can be tricky to implement, but not too hard to do using backpatch lists to jump on "true" and "false" conditions to the right VM opcode targets.
To be honest I never heard about "short circuit" code until you mentioned it Smile. I thought to just evaluate the entire Boolean expression, but I now see programs can run faster with "short circuit" code. Something to think about!

Thanks for pointing out inconsistencies in the use of 'expression' and 'additive-expression'. I'll amend the grammar and post it soon.

(12-12-2021 06:57 PM)robve Wrote:  I think I spotted a problem with the 'function_declaration' starting with an ID just like 'var_declaration', so there is no way of telling which is which with one token lookahead. Making the '(' and ')' optional in 'function_declaration' makes it even harder to distinguish from 'var_declaration' because you have to look ahead all the way to the first '(' to see if this is a function, not a variable declaration. Perhaps insist that functions should be declared with parenthesis?
Yes you are right. I wanted to make parentheses optional for functions without parameters to reduce keystrokes but your suggestion is better, and I'll employ an extra token lookahead to determine if it's a function or variable declaration.

(12-12-2021 06:57 PM)robve Wrote:  Also 'expression' is defined to be either a 'Boolean_expression' or a 'additive_expression' but you have no way of telling which one applies by just looking at the lookahead token.
Well spotted, I'll post an amended grammar soon.

(12-12-2021 06:57 PM)robve Wrote:  I've converted the grammar to Yacc to give it a go with Bison and fixed 'function_declaration' to require parenthesis and MAIN with optional parameters for consistence and just in case if you'd like to pass arguments to the main program
Great idea, I thought to only use "read" to bring in values from the stack. Your way allows one to write e.g. "main(a,b)" and save two read statements.

(12-12-2021 06:57 PM)robve Wrote:  Hope this is helpful. Looks like a fun and useful project to work on.
Thanks Rob, this is very helpful. I really appreciate you taking the time to check the grammar and provide valuable feedback, which I'll use to improve the project.
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