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monic part 6: the mC programming language and compiler
01-16-2022, 10:01 PM
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RE: monic part 6: the mC programming language and compiler
(12-13-2021 03:39 AM)F-73P Wrote:  I've started using a development board with a 4.3" display and i.MX RT1062 processor (Cortex-M7, 600MHz, 4MB FLASH, 32MB RAM) and am rewriting the firmware, so I thought this would be a good time to document the project. Here's a screen shot of a test program:

[Image: 51743164643_c0f2edc8f2.jpg]

Some aspects have been very challenging but I'm learning a lot and it has been fun too. I would like to add support for a programming language similar to FORTRAN as well:

[Image: 51742101942_dc63d72959.jpg][Image: 51743812475_47cf6ec3c2.jpg]

Looks like this is becoming a really nice small but capable system! I wonder how you handle keyboard input? With QWERTY keys or with a menu system to enter commands? Or both? I prefer QWERTY like the Sharp and Casio pocket computers, the HP 71B and Ti Voyage 200, especially the 200 because its keyboard and menu system helps to write programs quickly without getting bogged down by awkward keypress combinations to write code.

To implement interpreters from scratch, Crafting Interpreters is an indispensable resource. Personally, I'm more on the compiler-compiler side of the programming language implementation spectrum, but Crafting Compilers makes for a good reading to learn the trade without requiring compiler-compiler tools or a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations of these.

- Rob

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