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Plus42 for Windows - Why so slow?
12-14-2021, 05:21 PM
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RE: Plus42 for Windows - Why so slow?
Another factor could be the overhead caused by checking for events while running programs. The Windows version calls PeekMessage() after every program step, while the Android version will just keep running for up to 10 ms before looking for events. The behavior on Android was motivated by the large overhead caused by the native-to-Java calls, and that performance optimization may have ended up making it more efficient than the Windows version.

At some point I figured program execution was Fast Enoughâ„¢ and stopped paying attention to these kinds of differences... If you want a real sense of the speed differences, throw some actual calculations into your loop, my prediction is that they will take up a lot more time than the overhead for fetching and executing program steps! (Not that that will help the Windows version, because the 32-bit thing makes even more of a difference while crunching numbers.)
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