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Prime - different hardware, Connectivity causes Prime HW verA Reset
01-07-2022, 03:15 AM
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RE: Prime - different hardware, Connectivity causes Prime HW verA Reset
(01-06-2022 11:53 AM)TomC Wrote:  Thank you for the prompt reply.

You’re most welcome!

(01-06-2022 11:53 AM)TomC Wrote:  I had reflashed the unit several times - same results. How do I totally reset the machine?

Maybe the next step is to reset all the apps. To do that, go to the Application Library screen and then press shift-Esc (and confirm that you want to “delete” all apps — this will remove any custom apps added, any apps customized, etc.; blank system apps will be present in the Application Library after shift-Esc).

(01-06-2022 11:53 AM)TomC Wrote:  Where would I find older flash images?

With FileZilla, I see older firmware images in /pub/calculators/Prime at

(01-06-2022 11:53 AM)TomC Wrote:  A couple clues - the ‘Home Settings’ has only 3 pages whereas my newer hardware has 4 pages.
The setup screens appear a bit different too!??

Yes, this is normal. My revision A Prime is the same; it doesn’t have wireless capabilities. (Wireless Network Properties are configured in page 4.)

(01-06-2022 11:53 AM)TomC Wrote:  Also, when I go to the ‘Program Catalog’, there is a Function App there (that I do not believe I put there and it does not go away)

The Program Catalog uses one slot for the program for the active app. (Which, it seems, was the Function app when you went to the Program Catalog. You should see a different program there if a different app is active. I do think some changes to the UI should be made here, to make it a bit more obvious what is going on to those starting out with the Prime.) If you haven’t started a program yet for an app, it will still occupy a slot in the Program Catalog when the app is active (tapping Edit should then bring up an a source code editor without any code yet present).

(01-06-2022 11:53 AM)TomC Wrote:  Also, the ‘Data Streamer’ app is greyed out.

The Data Streamer is also greyed out on my revision A Prime.

(01-06-2022 11:53 AM)TomC Wrote:  Also, Page 3 of the Home Setup is an ‘Exam mode’ screen.

This should be the case on both of your Primes.

(01-06-2022 11:53 AM)TomC Wrote:  I’ve tried this from two different Win10 machines - same results (not sure if I’m running the 32 or 64 bit versions of the connectivity kit).

Would you happen to know if your Win10 machines are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?
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