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new HP user here!
07-07-2014, 04:35 PM
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new HP user here!

I'm a newbie in the HP part of this galaxy, I've just recently bought a used 50g and almost fell in love with that beastie.

Previously, I was a long time Sharp and Casio user, but only had basic programmable models.

Then I got my TI-89 and Voyage-200, which I love as a programming geek but it was the 50g who hit me badly! Even if I don't particularly like its programming language, I really appreciate its powerful CAS functions (more powerful than TI's), the superior keyboard and screen (yes, it has lower resolution, but I like it's better readability) and the built-in SD card reader which I find really useful.

I still appreciate the TI for it's built-in TI-BASIC, expecially the Voyage 200 (for its qwerty keyboard of course), but I like the 50g better for general use.

Since I'm a professional software developer, I'll investigate the ARM programming soon (any advices?) to squeeze every bit of performance out of this beauty! It's a shame to waste so much power on the little CPU to emulate a Saturn.

Oh, I'm getting a Prime too in the next few weeks, so... That's Amore I guess!

Long live HP!

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