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[43S] Let's try a poll on the new forum :-)
02-05-2014, 02:26 PM
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RE: [43S] Let's try a poll on the new forum :-)

Please allow me to remind you that the WP 34S as well as the 43S are hobbyist's projects. All of us have regular jobs to earn a living - relying on the WP 34S we would have starved for long. Remember we started that repurposing project out of frustration about HP's calculator policy focussing on financial pockect calculators and scientific battleships. We were happy that we had got at least a HP-20b we could start with - we're in no way keen on reinventing the HW wheel.

Now the HP-30b is better than the HP-20b keyboard-wise, so we're even happier. If it had a reasonable display, too, our happiness would raise to new heights. Alas, it hasn't. The display turned out to be a limiting factor in the WP 34S project.

So we rejoiced when we heard of the "scaled reptiles" since they will overcome said display limit. I'm quite confident that Eric and Richard very well know the parameters of a good keyboard. For sure they will treat us to the best keyboard they can make within their cost limit. If you have access to a significant pool of money and manpower, I modestly suggest you move it to them; else, however, don't expect you'll ever see such a re-casing of the WP 34S for the reasons mentioned above.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

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