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CASIO HQ-31, strange calculator/calendar
04-28-2022, 07:22 PM
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RE: CASIO HQ-31, strange calculator/calendar
(04-28-2022 06:09 PM)Dan C Wrote:  It seems Casio never thought anybody would use this machine after year 1999, and therefor not did it millennium ready. After all, it must be a machine from mid 70ths or early 80ths i assume.
But i like the HQ-31 anyway, and the clock and alarm works at least!

Watching a video yesterday about a 2002 Toyota Avalon where the clock/calendar built into the central display would not go past 2017 or 2018. It was 'Y2K compliant' but they just thought nobody would use it for more than 15-16 years. I have to wonder how many bits they saved with that decision...
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