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Plus42 (and Free42) minor cosmetic issues
05-19-2022, 08:01 PM (This post was last modified: 05-19-2022 08:22 PM by Peet.)
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RE: Plus42 (and Free42) minor cosmetic issues
(05-19-2022 07:52 PM)n3mmr Wrote:  Compatibility with what? What could possibly break just because the display used smooth fonts?

All the things that won't work on the DM42 either because of the font. Big Grin

(05-19-2022 07:36 PM)johanw Wrote:  To use as programmable function keys when a menu is present, ...

If the menu is active, then the display also functions as those buttons, if not, then these buttons only mirror the row of two below. Does this row of buttons even make any recognizable sense on touchscreen/mouse devices? Even on the free42 the use of the top-raw as function-keys made no sense (it was even worse because you needed to press TOP.FCN only to use the printed key-function).

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