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Plus42 (and Free42) minor cosmetic issues
05-21-2022, 12:25 AM
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RE: Plus42 (and Free42) minor cosmetic issues

$9.99 for HP-42S UI/UX with extensions for Solver, Units, Directories, etc.

$3.00 for $19 Casio clone with CAS extensions, and more Mathlab-like.

Easy choice, and at more than three times the price, it's still a bargain.

Sure highschool kids may find NCalc familiar but most can't use it since it's on a phone, and college students in Engineering, Physics, etc, may find that more familiar, but any who look at more than just a few screen shots would likely find Plus42 a better choice.

If the 42 UX is too cumbersome to master you're probably right, they likely are better off with NCalc. Hope they're happy with it.

OTOH, suggesting Plus42 should morph its UI/UX into something more 'modern', for some unsubstantiated additional market slice seems specious to be sure.

Don't do it, Thomas! Keep the faith! Smile

--Bob Prosperi
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