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Plus42 (and Free42) minor cosmetic issues
05-26-2022, 07:08 AM
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RE: Plus42 (and Free42) minor cosmetic issues
(05-25-2022 10:32 PM)Richard Garner Wrote:  The problem is, if you don't own a cel phone, Google Play will not let you create an acount to download anything.

Not just a phone. If you've owned any android device (other than a Fire tablet) at any time since Android has been in the marketplace you'll have a Google Play account.

If the Amazon Fire Tablet is your first Android device you'll be stuck (and that's when you'd have to resort to jailbreaking and suchlike).

There's a great variety of 8" Google Play compatible tablets in the marketplace for $50-$150 that have more than enough processing grunt for calculator emulators (the form factor is great for calculator apps too).

It was recommended to Thomas that he lists his calculators on the Amazon Fire Store in the main Plus42 thread, and I'm sure it's something he'll get to if he feels it's an apt option.
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