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lower case i vs. imaginary unit
07-17-2014, 01:26 PM (This post was last modified: 07-17-2014 01:32 PM by Angus.)
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RE: lower case i vs. imaginary unit
That is commonly found behaviour you often see in the calculator. You type in something, the prime modifies it and plots something else in the history.
Type in i^2 you get -1 and the i in different font... It can happen to commands aswell. It could also modify something to something else that it gives a syntax error. (don't nail me on that I cannot remember what it was)

I did not say I like that or that it is what I desire. Not at all. Things are just that way. Only hp could answer if it is a side-effect of the code mixture or wanted behaviour.

(the used font is independant of the character for me. Since 'i' is a reserved variable I am not surprised it does not work as a variable. I do agree with hp on that)

edit: you know, I was taught the hard way that by using the display modes introduced in the latest firmware, you need some pragmas in your program code in order to work after being transferred. You can also change the comma key into a semi-colon in editors... Hard to say WHAT is happening, harder to say why it needs to happen with a newly introduced feature - fact is it is happening. Maybe there is something wrong with character/keyboard/parsing, maybe students just don't care about such things nowadays.
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