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Store operator (▶)
07-24-2022, 10:52 PM
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Store operator (▶)
I am struggling to understand the use of the Store operator (▶) as described in the User Guide, 3rd Ed. p613-614:

"Here we use the Store operator (▶) in place of :=. Press <Shift> <EEX/Sto (▶)> to retrieve this operator. The syntax is Var ▶ Value; that is, the value on the right is stored in the variable on the left."

Surely this is the wrong way around. The value comes first, on the left and is stored in the variable on the right? Or is my understanding wrong? As I read the code examples that follow, the result of some operation which comes first, on the left is stored into a variable named next, on the right.

Maybe I shouldn't worry about it but this sort of thing troubles me. Sorry if it is a foolish error on my part.

Thanks for reading.

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