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Solver Issue - how to view equations and backup
07-31-2022, 10:22 AM
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Solver Issue - how to view equations and backup
Hi everyone

I have an issue with using the solver. On the calculator itself, I have cloned the Solver app (Say Solver and Solver 2) and on each one I have created different equations set.

The issue is that when i connect the HP Prime (I have a G1) to the connectivity kit, the connectivity kit will not see the equations that i have created on the calculator, and also the solver2 that i have created change to the blue icon (the functions app) on the connectivity kit (while it remains the orange colour on the calculator). No equations are visible. This happens regardless of how many times i deleted the solver apps and recreated.

This is how i do it on the calculator just to retrace my steps:
1. select the solver app icon.
2. press the "save" button.
3. Type a new name to the "name" field and ensure that the base app is "Solve".
The app is created on the calculator.
Then I launch it and type the equations into E1, E2, E3, etc.

But on the connectivity kit I can see the calculator fine - and can see the solve2 but it now become blue in icon.

How do i backup whatever equations i have created on the prime and how do i stop connectivity kit from changing this to blue function icon?

I have included a screenshot for reference.


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