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Solver Issue - how to view equations and backup
08-13-2022, 12:07 AM (This post was last modified: 08-13-2022 12:08 AM by jte.)
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RE: Solver Issue - how to view equations and backup
(08-10-2022 03:36 PM)KenHag Wrote:  
(08-09-2022 07:23 PM)jte Wrote:  Hi Ken!

Including some screenshots is nice — they certainly help us see what you’re seeing.

Some additional information that could help is knowing which versions of the software you are using, on both the Prime and the PC.

For the Prime, version information is available in the Help system (to get the version information showing onscreen, press Help, then tap on Tree, go up to the top of the help tree and open “About HP Prime”); on the Windows version of the Connectivity Kit, version information is shown in the “About HP Connectivity Kit” window (which can be brought up by choosing “About HP Connectivity Kit” from the Help menu).

Hi jte, I am using HP Prime G1 (hardware version A) with software v2.1.14425 (2020 01 16). The Connectivity kit is v2.1.14596 (2021 10 1).

What could be happening with my solver issues?

Thanks for the additional information. I’ve just entered a couple of simple equations into the Solve app on a G1 and then tried to look at them with the Connectivity Kit. I met with success…

I tried the following combinations of revisions:
G1 Prime   Connectivity Kit
 r14622     r14592
 r14425     r14592
 r14425     r14596
(The revision being the number after 2.1 in the version information.)

I tried both adding definitions to the Solve app itself and a saved copy (a clone) of it.
  • Does the issue you’re experiencing happen even after resetting the Solve app and adding just a single simple equation to it?
  • Can you view definitions in other apps (using the Connectivity Kit)? (Such as the Function app.)
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