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Sharp CE-122 printer motor running too fast?
09-18-2022, 08:33 PM
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RE: Sharp CE-122 printer motor running too fast?
(09-18-2022 07:33 PM)Jeff_Birt Wrote:  The motor is ON or OFF, there is no speed control. There is no way to make it faster except increasing the voltage. How are you powering the CE-122? While it takes a 6V charger, the battery pack is 4.8V. If the battery pack is not present and 6V is plugged into it, the board will see 6V instead the 4.8V it expects. The battery is part of the voltage regulation when the 6V external power is connected.

Right, that's why I was wondering if the voltage was wildly out of spec somehow. You never know with aging caps! I'm using a new 4xAA NiCd pack, plus the standard AC adapter that came with it, so I'm not pumping 12V into it or anything crazy like that. So either the motor is running too fast and causing the PCU to miss every other timing signal, or something else is impeding every other timing signal. Hmm...
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