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(PC-1211) Adding Machine Plus - PocketInfo Corp.
09-20-2022, 08:02 AM
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RE: (PC-1211) Adding Machine Plus - PocketInfo Corp.
Did you get a tape as well, or is the program itself lost?
I recently got a program manual for a 1248 program and in there it said that the unit had to be shipped back to the supplier to have the batteries changed as there was no tape. Similarly I had an FX603P that had been preprogrammed with a surveying program set, and the batteries had to be change din a certain order. The program was still in this unit, so I dumped it, or at least 9 out of 10 programs.

i also have an Olivetti LOGOS 80b which has an EAROM module, and there seems to be a program stored in it. I have printed the program as a record. Where can these sort s of programs be archived? is th eobvious place, but they are copyrighted so I suppose they should just be lost?
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