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(PC-1211) Adding Machine Plus - PocketInfo Corp.
09-20-2022, 07:58 PM
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RE: (PC-1211) Adding Machine Plus - PocketInfo Corp.
(09-20-2022 01:44 PM)Jeff_Birt Wrote:  This link is to the part of the video covering this lot and skips to when I pull the module out

As I recall I did find that company was still registered in Florida and I send them a letter (snail mail) but never heard back. I have not tried to read the EPROM yet. On my very long TODO list Smile

Interesting, I might have a look at making something like that myself. Although all my PC1500's died a while back unfortunately.

And, incidentally, it was my video series about the Psion Organiser you were talking about in that segment :-)

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