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Another bug in Free42 (3.0.14)
10-02-2022, 12:43 PM
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RE: Another bug in Free42 (3.0.14)
I noticed a few days ago that you were able to enter hexadecimal numbers in PRGM mode, and I made it so that it will leave the A...F menu when you enter PRGM mode. This change is in 3.0.15. However, that change only addresses half the issue, the other half being that HEXM mode is still in effect, while number entry in PRGM mode should always be decimal.

It looks like this has never been handled correctly, but before 2.5.23, it didn't lead to such weird results, because what you saw in the program line once number entry was complete was always decimal. Since 2.5.23, the way the number looks when it was entered is remembered, in order to preserve the difference between 1000 and 1E3 etc., and that's how you can now end up with something that looks like 55 while it really is 85. You can also tell what's happening because you can't enter decimal points or exponents while in this mode.

So, I'll have to fix the number entry logic so that it always assumes DECM mode when PRGM mode is active.
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