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Casio & Sharp DRG> conversion
01-10-2023, 01:24 PM
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RE: Casio & Sharp DRG> conversion
The fx-991EX doesn't appear to have any sort of DRG> conversion function (or it's too early in the morning and I just can't find it), but the OPTN, Angle Unit menu serves that same purpose. These are essentially postfix functions (like the square function) that convert an input value to the currently selected angle unit in the Setup menu.

Note that the angle mode only affects the behavior of the trig functions and these angle unit conversion functions, there's no inherent degrees/radians unit attached to any values. Most notably, the degrees-minutes-seconds key is always operating on values as if they are degrees. So switching to radian mode, calculating arcsin(.5), and pressing the DMS key returns 31'24.96", which is of course nonsense (it's just the raw radian result rendered as if it were decimal degrees). Likewise, using the DMS key to enter sin(30 degrees) while in radian mode first converts 30 degrees to decimal degrees - which is still 30 - and then calculates sin(30 radians) because of the selected angle mode. But using the degree symbol/function from the OPTN Angle Unit menu will convert properly, e.g. sin(30 degrees) in radian mode will return 1/2.
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