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Casio & Sharp DRG> conversion
01-10-2023, 01:57 PM
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RE: Casio & Sharp DRG> conversion
(01-10-2023 11:23 AM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  until now I have taken all your questions seriuosly and always tried to give good answers. But this time I really think that you want to make fun of us. Are you?

Smile Smile Smile Big Grin

I'm sure there are lots of polite member here with same feelings... At least the European members.
When I saw a new post from Matt, I always check his bio and I can't decide the "devoted mathematician" real meaning. Smile

we really like your posts, but yes, I have same feeling, you like to ask more than receiving and understand an answer. Wink BTW: I'm happy with your questions, those are really freshes this old-fashioned-cold-war-era Wink forum.

Only one request: try to ask something which is not written in the manual Wink Big Grin As Max try to say: answers to your questions easily figured out after few keystrokes on the actual calculator or found in the manual, so if you want to LEARN to use them, try it by yourself first, and if you can't figured out try to ask.

No offense, I'm just joining to Max.

For example a bug(?) in CASIO fx-991CEX's quadratic equation solver: if you set complex mode on, select polar form as complex mode and try to calculate the roots of 3X^2-5X-2=0 equation with the built-in polynome solver, you will get an interesting result for negative REAL root!

So, keep your posts here, but try by yourself first Wink

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