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Numworks - Software Version 20 is Available
02-19-2023, 04:03 AM
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Numworks - Software Version 20 is Available
For details:


* Separate Finance and Distribution Applications

* Pressing the divide key [ ÷ ] prior to number entry cycles between: Ans divided by denominator, fraction, mixed fraction.

* Pressing the Home Key then the 0 key gets the shortcut to Settings

* The new Elements app is available. We can display each element by its family, s/p/d/f blocks, type of metals, molar mass, electronegativity, melting temperature, boiling temperature, and atomic radius. Each attribute is shown separately.

* When a value is highlighted in any app, except in Python, pressing [ shift ] (sto→) will give you a prompt to store the amount in a variable. As a reminder, variables can have more than one character.

* In the Grapher app, points of interest (zeroes/roots, minima, maxima, points of inflection, etc.) will have black dots.

* Also in the Grapher app, the ability to find integrals is added to the toolbox.

* Inverse trig functions are now labeled as arcsin, arccos, and arctan.

* Degree and degree minute second templates are loaded from the Toolbox > Units and constants > Length and angle > Angle submenu.

* Additional information is added to angle, trigonometric, and vector calculations.

* We can add and subtract percents directly.

There seems to not be additions to the Python programming module (yet).
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