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Spice Display Module
03-22-2023, 10:10 AM (This post was last modified: 03-22-2023 10:12 AM by teenix.)
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Spice Display Module
Hi all,

Somewhat of a bummer.

The Spice display module I was using to develop the Spice CPU board started playing up more so than usual. The exponent unit digit never worked and I could see that the LED digit chip was sitting crooked and was only being held in place by the multiplexed anode wiring.

It looks like last of these miniscule wires finally broke, and the chip was free to move about under the display lens assembly and this managed to short some of the other digit's multiplex wiring causing multiple segments to light. I doubt this is ever repairable especially with my old sexagenarian nervous system.

I had one more Spice display to play with, but the 2 exponent digits didn't work. The chips looked ok although slightly larger than the others, but when I removed the lens cover, these two LED chips had dislodged as well and were "floating", held in place by the anode wiring. I powered up the digits and as soon as the chips were gently pushed down and common cathode contact was made with the circuit board the LEDs started working again.

I don't know how these LED digit chips were originally mated with the circuit board, ultrasonically welded or something, but is seems over time the joint becomes unstable. How to fix? I have no idea other than some sort of conductive glue which can somehow be placed between the chip and circuit board without disturbing the almost invisible wires. These chips are about 1 x 2mm in size.

I guess Spice calculators might need some cautious handling lest a sharp rap causes one or more of these display contact joints to break away.


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