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Spice Display Module
04-13-2023, 10:36 AM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2023 10:39 AM by teenix.)
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RE: Spice Display Module
Hi all,

I had a fiddle with the Spice display with the dead exponent digits where the actual LED digit had dislodged from the circuit board and was hanging on by the tiny wires. I knew the segments work if the digit was pressed against the circuit board which is the common cathode connection.

I purchased some silver conductive "glue" which is available for a few $ on "you know where", and I carefully applied a miniscule drop between the LED module and circuit board.

Pressing it gently back in place and straight away the LED segments worked again, although there was a short between some segments. I had to try to fix this by trial and error because I didn't know which were shorted, so as careful as my shaky old hands would allow, I managed to separate the offending wires.

Unfortunately, the extra fiddling dislodged 2 wires on the exponents digits again and 2 segments do not work. I have no hope of reattaching them, so after all that, it will be a dud again.

The wires and the joints are so old tiny that I think if you breath on them too hard they will break apart at the joints. If you had the right tools it could be fixed, but they are something I'll never see.

If you have a Spice module with a dead digit, it may be worth a "careful" silver glue fix. If it is a segment or two, then best of luck with the wires. If you notice a display digit that looks crooked, it might be floating and worth a fix before it gets worse.

The lens assembly separates easily by breaking off the ends of the brittle (acrylic?) heat stakes. I just used sharp side cutters.
Be very careful that the lens does not rotate or slide sideways when lifting it off, or you risk dislodging the digits and or breaking or shorting the wiring.
It should go back together with some hot glue.

The moral here maybe...

To avoid paying the price
with your precious Spice
just treat it nice


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