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48SX options
04-09-2023, 01:25 AM
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RE: 48SX options
(04-08-2023 06:29 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  I suggested the Prime because Phrede never wrote about RPL, just RPN. But there is an easy way to find out: There still is the "HP Prime Lite" App available for Andoid and iOS free of charge to try it out!

Although Phrede did indeed use RPN instead of RPL, if he was using a 48SX all along and his knowledge and experience is about that model, he was using RPL and not RPN, except in the narrowest definition of RPN. Most users that have not used both extensively will tend to call them both "RPN" but they are not the same.

RPL has an unlimited stack, does not replicate T upon stack drop, uses named variables (not registers), functions are found in modal menus, etc., etc. which are all vastly different than on any RPN machine.

My real point is simply use what you know; when stressed, reflexes are better than a 'better' tool which you probably don't know as well.

As for the GX vs. SX, I agree it's better and newer, but it definitely costs a lot more (~$100 more) and many of the differences are significant (when functions are on the keyboard, where they can be found in menus, etc.). For long-term use, I agree a GX is better, and a 50g even better than that, but the OP's stated goals and desired cost all seem to point to another 48SX from my viewpoint.

--Bob Prosperi
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