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Good tiny device for storing/summing up a few lists of numbers throughout the day?
08-19-2014, 10:04 AM
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RE: Good tiny device for storing/summing up a few lists of numbers throughout the day?
(08-18-2014 01:57 AM)Joe Horn Wrote:  At the danger of involving HP calculators in this "Not remotely HP Calculators" forum, I'm sure that the attached PDF file will bring a smile to Dave Britten. It's the homework assignment for April 3, 1998, from the HP 48 Programming Class that was held at EduCALC every Friday for many years by Richard Nelson and Yours Truly. Here's the synopsis of this particular assignment:

"Write a [HP 48] program that adds the current date and time (to nearest second) to a list called ‘HIST’. This program may used to record the occurrence of an event such as, having a meal, taking medicine, doing a specific exercise, completing a task, etc."

Sound familiar? There is nothing new under the sun. Wink This assignment's invisible background was the fact that Richard Nelson used his HP 48 for many years to log and track everything pertaining to diabetes. His doctor was always amazed at his thermal printouts; everything he needed was there! Later, the 50g of course became the better choice for medical data due to its SD slot.

Pretty cool, thanks Joe. I'll give that a read today. I've actually done similar things with my 48, such as to record driving times for different routes to/from work to see which was most efficient on average. The 48 is about the upper limit of what I would call 'tiny' - it's about the same as the 200LX - but I'd have to omit the soft case to keep it slim enough, and there's no way I'd want to carry around my GX like that. I've got a spare G and SX I could use, though, and they wouldn't be too dear to replace if calamity struck.

(08-19-2014 03:15 AM)Les Bell Wrote:  If you have an Android phone, then Google Sheets can do the arithmetic, and Google Forms can capture the data. Other than that, I'd probably write a few routines for the 11C or 15C.

I'm shying away from a smartphone spreadsheet, mostly because there's usually some launch time involved to open the program and load the correct sheet. Then without macro support, data entry usually involves a lot more interaction than should be necessary, particularly for entering dates and times. If I use something too complicated, I seriously risk subconsciously dehydrating myself simply because the data entry tedium overpowers getting something to drink.

It's kind of funny that Lotus 1-2-3 2.4 still totally embarrasses every other mobile spreadsheet in terms of data entry efficiency.
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