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Elektronika MK-61 - today I ordered one NIB
08-23-2014, 09:05 PM (This post was last modified: 08-23-2014 09:22 PM by jebem.)
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Elektronika MK-61 - today I ordered one NIB
Today I have ordered one more RPN calculator to join my modest collection, the ex-USSR made in Ukraine MK-61, NIB (before someone ask, I mean New In the Box Smile ).

I was looking forward to get one of these, as it has its own unique features, like using VFD displays in the 90's - I like it and reminds me of the 70's calculators I used at school - it were easy to read!
(I find all LCD displays hard to read with exception of the more recent backlight and color ones - enter the HP-Prime...).

Now, I have checked our MoHPC site and found little information as expected - this site is oriented to HP machines, RPN or not.

So far, I have downloaded the user guide in Russian an the schematics, and found some reference pages in English translating each key legend to a more readable language for me.
I can read some Russian of course, I don't consider myself a total analphabet in this regard, but it is hard, very hard to follow Russian .

So I wonder where you fellows having extra details and information on this calculator series are willing to share it with me (and all the others here of course!).

Thanks in advance.

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