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Elektronika MK-61 - today I ordered one NIB
09-25-2014, 07:59 PM
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RE: Elektronika MK-61 - today I ordered one NIB
Today I had a chance to have a more detailed look on this calculator.
It is new, despite missing the display plastic sticker protection.

This was a good deal, considering the asking price.

And it is the only calculator that I know of showing the official price engraved in the back during the manufacturing process!
85 Rubles was the asking price in 1996, July. Calculators for the people!

Concerning the current consumption:
I measured 95mA with fresh IKEA Alkaline batteries, with just a single Zero digit and the decimal point light after Power on.
This is within the specifications given in the back cover (4.5V and 0.6W).

Following are some photos, where the small case defects are exaggeratedly displayed, as a result of strong sunlight and modern digital camera machines:

[Image: EMK61_1.JPG] [Image: EMK61_2.JPG] [Image: EMK61_3.JPG]

[Image: EMK61_5.JPG] [Image: EMK61_6.JPG] [Image: EMK61_7.JPG]

Great VFD display: much easier to read than those LCD displays of the same era (90's):

[Image: EMK61_8.JPG]

The original 1996 warranty factory seal, over the fixing screw on the back cover:
Never opened! Well, not yet... Smile

[Image: EMK61_9.jpg]

Label translation:
MicroCalculator "Elektronika MK 61"
Manufactured: 96 07 Serial Number: 777868
U.n=4.5V P.n=0.6 W
Price 85 Ruble

[Image: EMK61_80.JPG]

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