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"The Forth Deck" portable computer (smell of HP71B Forth)
07-30-2023, 10:13 PM
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RE: "The Forth Deck" portable computer (smell of HP71B Forth)
(07-30-2023 09:15 PM)floppy Wrote:  
(07-30-2023 07:50 PM)HP67 Wrote:  Thank you! This is a very interesting project!
I contacted the project owner.. and said he should contact SWISSMICRO. Imagine, an HP71B look with Forth only..

Since the new EU tax rules it's too risky for us to buy from Michael. I bought 5 of his calculators so far and I'm really annoyed that it has become a problem. Customs enforcement here is brutal and expensive. I hope he can find an EU dealer to work with.

A FORTH machine would be a cool project, but it would need a bigger keyboard than a calculator and other features to make it appealing. Writing programs on a tiny keyboard becomes unpleasant quickly.

In a small size, it might be difficult to compete with small boards like the MSP430, where there is a FORTH available for those for years already. People who want more user-friendliness would go for RPi etc. So, how to differentiate?

Maybe programming over USB, RS-232 etc. while also having a small form factor and physical keyboard available for quick changes...

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