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"The Forth Deck" portable computer (smell of HP71B Forth)
08-02-2023, 11:05 AM
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RE: "The Forth Deck" portable computer (smell of HP71B Forth)
Lets be kind with the Czech. If there is not a tight export control, we would be flooded in the EU with chinese junk. UK missed to check this few years ago and leaded to tax income missing for EU and flooded market in EU (local company suffering; especially since china was taking advantage of cheap transport conditions). I suggest somebody contact the EU autorities and point out we are suffering due to high taxes in Czech (if higher than anywhere else in EU?). Perhaps they will push them and they will adapt. However, if you have a good friend here, when you travel to Allschwill 2024, you could receive a nice EU present from her/him. No tax for this (you dont pay taxes when you travel with your Rolex at your arm.. ;-) but would have to explain if you travel with 3 Rolex at each arm..

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