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fold? hack! (& hem)
08-30-2014, 09:24 PM
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fold? hack! (& hem)
While doing some research for my RPN Tutorial I came across a few nicknames for the prefix (shift) keys on HP RPN calculators. I read them in the book by John A. Ball, Algorithms for RPN calculators, Wiley & Sons, 1978. A very good book, by the way.

The nickname ’gold‘ is from HP itself (already in the manual of the HP-80 if I’m not mistaken), but the other names must be from the user community:

‘fold’ for the gold key marked with f
‘dolf’ for the gold key marked with f-1
‘glue’ for the blue key marked with g
‘hack’ for the black key marked with h

I wonder who still knows or uses these nicknames?

Also I pondered over a nickname for the green key marked with h in the WP 34S.
First I thought of ‘heen’, but I was not content with it. Then it occurred to me that the colour of the green texts in the WP 34S is actually emerald, so I came up with the nickname ‘hem’ for this key.

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