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HP 50g Bug or Expected Behavior?
09-02-2014, 02:34 AM
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RE: HP 50g Bug or Expected Behavior?
(09-01-2014 08:35 PM)John R. Graham Wrote:  I have a little program called Timer that I use to benchmark the execution time of other programs. It's really simple:
%%HP: T(3)A(R)F(.);
\<< TIME \-> startTime
startTime HMS-
I use it enough that I assign it to a key (in this case [Left Shift][HIST]). So, when I want to benchmark a program, I type the program's parameters (if any), separated by spaces, hit the single quote followed by the program-to-benchmark's soft key and then hit [Cursor Right][Left Shift][HIST].

Now, what I believe should happen is that the whole entry line should be evaluated. What actually happens, is that "Timer" gets added to the entry line and I have to press [ENTER] to execute the lot. I should note that the Timer function will execute with no redundant [ENTER] keypress if I put all the arguments including the quoted program name on the stack prior to hitting [Left Shift][HIST], but that just moves the redundant [ENTER] keypress somewhere else.

The proximal cause appears to be that the single-quoted program name puts the entry line into Algebraic mode (as shown by the ALG annunciator at the top of the screen). The only way to get the entry line out of Algebraic mode is to press [ENTER].

Am I thinking about this correctly?

- John

You are correct: it happens because you pressed the quote key [ ' ], which means that you've flipped your 50g into algebraic-entry mode, in which most keys (e.g. SIN, +, etc) no longer act immediately, but place their names on the command line (thus making it possible to type algebraic expressions). There IS a way to exit ALG mode without pressing ENTER: Press right-shift ALPHA (labeled ENTRY)... but that flips into program mode, so that usually doesn't help much.

Suggestion: Instead of storing that program as 'Timer' and assigning 'Timer' to the CMD key, assign the program itself to the CMD key. This will cause it to be executed even in ALG mode without pressing ENTER.

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