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09-12-2014, 07:18 PM
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RE: Multimeters
(09-12-2014 10:11 AM)Kyburo Wrote:  I've currently got a headphone desktop amplifier on which the USB connection seems to have died a few years back. Rather than pay to send it back to China I'm hoping to look myself and track down if there are any issues on the circuit board (which is easily accessible).

Since they want to address the European market, they make things with lead-free solder which is not reliable. You probably have cracks in the solder at one of the connectors, connectors that should not be surface-mounted anyway because of the stress they get on them. I have a IDE-to-SD-card interface on an old PC, and the connector for the SD card quickly went south. I re-soldered with leaded solder. That was the end of the trouble. (Lots of HP-41 links at the bottom of the links page, )
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